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Welcome to Majestic Mountain Dogs Website:

Bernese Mountain Dog, or ‘Berner Sennenhund’, is one of 4 varieties of Swiss Mountain dog and was originally bred to be farmers' companions.  They love cooler climates but most agree that air conditioning will substitute nicely.  They desire a great deal of attention and will want to be in the middle of whatever is going on.  These dogs make great family pets, and are said to choose one person in the household as their  "best friend".  As with most dogs, they  strive to please you. In spite of their large size, they are quite gentle with children and are good with smaller animals.  These very large dogs are intelligent and learn new commands quickly which makes them easy  to train.  Because they are so smart, they need to be mentally stimulated, otherwise, they will find something on their own....probably not something you would have chosen for them!

Here at Majestic, we are several families working together to provide healthy and well socialized puppies that will live long happy lives with their families.  Together we have over 20 years of breeding and showing experience.  We feel that together we can put forth a much bigger effort in breeding healthy Bernese Mountain Dogs and help increase the average life span for the breed..We stand behind our puppies with a 5 year health guarantee.

Should you decide one of these wonderful animals should be a part of your family, we will be happy to help you get started. 

Thank you for visiting our site.