Our Bernese are beloved members of our family.  In order to join our program and become a member of the Majestic Family, members must agree to provide excellent nutrition, fenced in yard, vet care, all necessary health and temperament testing before breeding, as well as providing a loving environment with lots of socialization opportunities.

Listed below are Breeders that are part of our Majestic Family.  We all work together putting forth the best effort in on going education and research to improve the health, longevity, conformation and the out going temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog.


Majestic Mountain Dogs - Indiana

Phone: 317-828-3298 or 765-721-0771

Email: majesticmountaindogs@yahoo.com

Website: www.majesticmountaindogs.com


California Majestic - Southern California

Phone: 714-459-2583

Email: bearhugberners@verizon.net

Website: www.californiamajestic.com


Majestic Bear Hugs. Indiana

Phone: 317-831-4912 or  615-681-3411 

Email:  info@bernerhugs.com

Website:  www.majesticbearhugs.com


Majestic Family Companions- Ky , TN

Phone: 270-790-2446 or 615-681-3411

Email: info@majesticfamilycompanions.com

Website: www.majesticfamilycompanions.com